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State of the Union

So, has anyone heard that President Obama made some kind of speech last night? Am I the first one to write about it? Recently, my schedule at work has changed so that I’m at the office later in the evening. When I left the office, the news shows were running up to the speech with their “pre-game” analysis. I went from the office to the gym (Jewish Community Center, an awesome place [I’m not Jewish, but my company pays for my gym membership there]), where I watched the second half of the first period and the first bit of the second of the Blues-Devils game (Blues won 3-0, GO BLUES!!!!!) while I worked out, then heard various parts of the speech on the drive home from the gym.

In part of one of the parts of the speech I heard, Obama talked about his desire to cut taxes and slash bureaucracy and I’m like, where was this for the previous 6 fucking years? Cut taxes and slash bureaucracy? Please, for the love of Thomas Jefferson, please cut the fucking taxes and slash the ridiculous bureaucracies that YOU have built over the previous 6 years.

The President says that they’ve cut the deficit (amount of money that we’ve spent in excess of our income for a given year) and that we’ve cut spending. We haven’t done anything of the sort. President Obama, during his first submitted budget, 2010, has consistently increased spending, every year except one, where he “cut” spending from $3.8 trillion to $3.7 trillion. The next year, it went back up to $3.8 T. Had Obama cut taxes, slashed bureaucracy, cut spending and the deficits (in any kind of significant way), I’d have fucking voted for him in the last election. Had he done that, I would be singing his praises from the happiness of the liberty utopia he would have created. The fact is that we continue to get less free and less prosperous under each successive President and the answer isn’t more government. Government is the problem. Less government is the solution.

Anyway, I didn’t hear much of the speech, I’ve watched the YouTube video of some Cato Institute scholars responding to various segments of the speech. It’s good, you should check it out here. I imagine I’ll watch the speech in its entirety at some point, maybe while I’m waiting for my girlfriend to get back to her house so I can talk to her. At any rate, I probably won’t come back to the State of the Union for any further posts, but I’ll still watch the whole thing.

Extra Bonus: I watched part of Back to the Future II last night at a friend’s house, the date they went forward to was Oct 21, 2015 and the Cubs will allegedly win the World Series that year. Back when that movie came out I couldn’t have imagined I’d live to see that year. No hoverboards or flying cars, so I’m skeptical about the Cubs WS win.

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