Obamacare…the train just keeps on getting wreckeder

So, where to begin with the President’s eponymous healthcare law? How about right at the beginning? Since when do Presidents get to decide on laws? Looking through my copy of the Constitution, I don’t see where the President gets to propose laws. I get that Obama’s not the first President to do that, but he’s the first President to do this since I’ve had this blog, so he gets the heat. Don’t worry, plenty of heat to dish out for Congresses and Presidents from both of the “Big 2” parties, past and present.

So, Congress’s healthcare legislation, the law that “we have to pass, so we can find out what’s in it” as Nancy Pelosi said in the great-granddaddy of all foreshadowing. Boy, we sure did have to pass it to find out what was in it. And what’s in it is trainwreck after trainwreck with a shipwreck and a plane crash thrown in for good measure. Almost everything the President promised about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has turned out to be a lie. You can’t necessarily keep your insurance, even if you do like it. You can’t necessarily keep your doctor, even if you do like them. It’s not cheaper than comparable plans on the private market and it does almost nothing to help the poorest among us. What it really does is help those earning right at the middle class level of income that don’t have jobs that provide health insurance. It doesn’t hurt the wealthy, they’re certainly not going to notice a $20/mo increase in their insurance premiums. It doesn’t help the poor, those who both want insurance and can’t afford it…unless you consider Medicaid to be “help”. It had almost no effect on me. My premiums went up, but my employer covers most of the increase in cost. It’s probably going to cost me a few points on my raise, since some of the extra money they’re paying in premiums could have gone to me in the form of a pay increase. It doesn’t help the 20-something year old college student. Sure, they can stay on their parents’ plan now, but most colleges already offered low price group health insurance, anyway. And what self-respecting 25 year old wants to be on their parents’ health care plan, anyway? Get out of their house. Graduate college, get a job and get your own damn healthcare. Your parents should be saving the costs of your upkeep towards their retirement so they can enjoy themselves and have a little more financial freedom at some point in their lives before they die.

At any rate, the government can’t even get the healthcare website working right. This is $600 million in taxpayer funds (I refuse to call anything “the government’s money”, the government doesn’t have any money. Every single penny they spend is OUR money) to build a website. That no one can get on and that doesn’t work right when you can get on it. Seriously, the government can’t get a functional website built for $600 million of OUR money, how much more expensive do you think healthcare is going to be? The company I work for has multiple public websites and multiple internal intranet sites and our entire yearly IT budget (with which we do all the websites, plus all our networks, servers, workstations, phones, etc.) is about 1% of what they spent on this boondoggle of a website. And the government site doesn’t even look that cool.

This thing needs to be scrapped. This trainwreck of a healthcare program makes our previous situation look desirable. The old system needed to be changed, but you know the old saying; Government: If you think our problems are bad, wait ’til you see our solutions. I don’t know how liberals are still harping for more and more government. More government gave them the Patriot Act. More government gave them 13% out of their paychecks to pay for my retirement while kicking the can down the road and essentially assuring the younger generation that every penny they paid into Social Security will be wasted. Hell, I’m not sure SS will still be around and viable when I retire. More government gave them wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Military actions in Syria and Libya. More government has given them the War on Drugs. More government gave us Al Capone. Less government gave us Auggie Busch. I kind of “get” liberals. Their hearts are in the right place. People should help the less fortunate. We should have an affordable system of healthcare in this country. We should house the homeless and feed the hungry. I’m just telling you that, historically, and not just in this country, the government has always…ALWAYS…done more harm than good in all of those areas. If you want things to get better in this country, we need less, not more, government.

Thanks for reading,

The Atheist IT Guy


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